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Why Pass Plus

Hope the video got your attention and that is what it is, don’t be a statistic. The chances of being involved in a road traffic accident if you are under 25 are considerable.

You have just passed your Driving Test and now are faced with numerous other tasks like insurance,buying a car,car tax, it goes on and on.  Plus you now have to do this all by yourself.

What is included in the Pass Plus Course


pass plus Cardiff

pass plus Cardiff


Pass Plus in Cardiff

The Pass Plus Course has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency. The Course aims to develop your positive approach to driving in 2 main key areas. Firstly your approach through attitude and your driving skills.

The Course is set in 6 modules and you will be expected to complete all 6 modules which is 6 hours of driving training.

Your Approved Driving Instructor will decide how long each module will take and this will depend on your skills.  This is not a Driving Test, so do not worry.  At the end of the course you will be provided with a certificate as long as you show you have ‘achieved’ the skills required in each of the modules


Pass Plus syllabus in Cardiff

  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorway Driving
  • Rural Roads out of town driving
  • Night Driving
  • All Weather Driving
  • Dual Carriageways

What are the Benefits of Pass Plus


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pass plus insurance

pass plus insurance

Benefits of this course Pass Plus are firstly you can gain considerable Driving experience that you would not have got in your

normal Driving lessons. This is at a much higher standard and the result of this will enable you to deal with all kinds

of traffic and road experience, particularly City driving and on fast roads.


You will also be eligible for a discount on your motor insurance and we have had satisfied pupils saving over £400-£500 on this.

We have also grouped together with an insurer that can offer you competitive rates for your insurance. Click here

Pass Plus Cost

Cost of the Pass Plus Course is £180. 



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