Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

 Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff   have been in the Driving School Industry  for over 30 years and have worked out what works and what does not for candidates.

Our mission is to get the best success rate that we can and we do this by not overloading the pupil.

We can also work around your time schedule, this will mean you will not have to take time off work or school, like other Driving School Courses expect you to do.

Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

Short Driving Course

  • £295
  • Short Driving Course is for a pupil who has failed recently with less than 2 Serious faults. 10 Hours including 2 hours for Test. Not including cost of Booking Driving Test with DVSA
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Intensive Driving Course

  • £495
  • For a Pupil who has previous done about 20 hours of driving. Covers 20 hours of Driving. Not including Driving Test Fee to DVSA
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We are assuming that you have already taken your Theory Driving Test, but if you are still learning this don’t worry as you can take a Short Driving Course Cardiff Barry or week by week if that suits you better.

Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

Intensive Driving courses cardiff

Our Responsibility

We offer one to one Training


Crash Driving Courses Barry

We will provide you with the same Driving Instructor throughout your course, like not many other larger organisations who can swop and change your Instructor.

We will provide you with pre-set homework so you can continue with your Driving course outside of the driving lessons  and that way get ahead with your learning to pass your Driving Test first time.

Frequently asked Questions

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